As the school year finishes I would like to take this opportunity to thank our community outreach chair David Frank and all of the members who volunteer their time for the club’s woodturning mentoring program at Cabrillo Middle School. The club has two members at the school three days a week, five hours a day during the school year.  This amounts to about 600 volunteer hours per school year, not including summer session or time volunteered sourcing and preparing wood and supplies. 

I recently attended Cabrillo Middle School’s showcase that allowed students to display their art and woodworking projects. Going around and speaking to students about their work, I could see how proud they were of what they had accomplished and that they had the confidence to explain their work. It gave me a glimpse of what our mentoring program means to the students that our club members work with. When I talk to members that help at the school, I also see that they get a great deal of joy in helping the students as well.  

So again I want to thank all of the club members that volunteer their time to make this program so successful. I hope more members are able to join the team that volunteer at the school, I know that I look forward to being able to volunteer when I retire. 


Posted June 22, 2018 by Chrystal Craver


Mike Mahoney demonstrated for the Channel Islands Woodturners on April 29, 2018

Our April meeting was an all-day demonstration with professional turner Mike Mahoney. Mike turned several projects during his demo. He started by creating four bowl blanks by coring from one block of wood using the McNaughton Center Saver system. He then moved on to turn a platter and hollow form urn with a threaded lid. Mike finished by turning a calabash bowl.  Throughout the demo he discussed how the projects were turned, design, layout and tools. See the photos from the day here.

The meeting also included an instant gallery for members to show their work and a wood raffle. We had a great turn out at this meeting with 41 members, 1 student and 7 guests. I hope all of you had a wonderful time and hope to see all of you in the future.

I wanted to thank everyone who was involved with making this day go so smoothly, including the set up crew (that came in on Friday to set up the video system and arrange the room so more people would fit comfortably) and the crew the day of the demo (that made sure all went smoothly, video, instant gallery, lunch, wood raffle and clean up).  We would not have successful meetings without you.  

If you are interested in woodturning in the Ventura County area and are visiting our website for the first time, please come join us at a meeting.


Posted May 10, 2018 by Chrystal Craver